generator installation services in Wall Township, NJ

Always Have a Backup in Case of Power Outages with help from Zephyr Electrical Construction

Our electrician handles generator installations in Wall Township & Brick, NJ and the Tri County area

When a severe storm knocks out the power in your Wall Township, NJ home, you can keep the power on with a reliable generator. Trust Zephyr Electrical Construction to install the right one for your home. We can set you up with any type of portable or full-house generator. Once our electrician has surveyed your home, he'll recommend the type of generator that will work best for you and install it ASAP.

Call 732-449-7117 today to schedule a generator installation at your Wall Township and in the Tri County homes of NJ.

we can determine the, needs of your home in an emergency.

Whether you are interested in a whole-house generator or portable generator, we can handle the wiring, and safe installation including;

  • -install properly sized automatic transfer switch for whole-house
  • -recommend a portable or whole -house generator for your intended loads
  • -properly size a main breaker lock-out for your portable generator installation
  • -install wiring for an emergency transfer panel

Once we've got your generator wiring installed, rest assured for the next storm or related outage.

Contact our office in Wall Township, NJ to discuss and access the needs of your home or office today.